Kika & Bob - Season 2

The Kika & Bob - Season 2 games site comes with 26 different games and an iPad app.


Kika & Bob - Season 1

26 Webgames + Tiger minigame
The Kika & Bob - Season 1 games site comes with 26 different games and 1 Tiger minigame.

You can check out the games site in different languages at

These web games are connected with the series in a way that whenever a new episode of the series air, a new web game will open up too. Just like in the TV series, Kika & Bob visit places all around the world and you the player have to make sure Kika & Bob survive the hazards and dangers these places offer.

Kika & Bob have the goal to make it back home and save Tiger, Kika’s cat, from the church spire. You the player have to make sure by playing games that Tiger has enough food to survive until Kika & Bob have made the journey to get home safe.

Kika and Bob is a unique multi-platform property. It’s the perfect series to exploit the possibilities of digital platforms such as internet, games and interactive television.


Production Submarine | Co-production Peachblossom Media | Sales Submarine

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