'Kika and Bob' is a funny, fast and interactive animation series suitable for children of all ages.

What is it About?
A none too clever fire-fighter called Bob and a bright girl called Kika who are blown to the other side of the world by a typhoon during your average Save-Your-Cat-Stuck-On-The-Church-Steeple-During-A-Storm-With-A-Kite drama. Now they have to travel the world to try to get home and save the cat. But before they can get there, they have to overcome many terrible obstacles put in their path, cross strange territories and meet even stranger people and animals.

26 x 13 minute episodes

Viewers aged 6 to 12

The series has been produced in two ways:
1. A linear television series combined with a website to explore the interactive elements.
2. A series made for interactive television (including set-top box) combined with a website.

Kika: A bright and sturdy nine-year-old girl who thinks she knows it all, but only likes macaroni with ketchup.
Bob: A none too clever fire-fighter who compensates for his lack of brain cells with an enormous heart.
Voice Over: Our Travel-guide. The All-Knowing Narrator, a walking, talking Encyclopaedia of Bizarre and Completely Unnecessary Trivi

Original version: English
Running time: 26 x 13-minutes

Production Submarine | Co-production Peachblossom Media | Sales Submarine

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