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Vincent Bal and Colette Bothof
Fons Schiedon
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Georgina Verbaan
For the beginning of Georgina's acting career, we have to go back to 1988, when as an eight year old girl she made her first appearance in the musical theatre troupe 'Harlekijn' in The Hague. Until her twelfth birthday she fulfilled her childhood dream by performing in many children's musicals, and it soon became evident that her talent and perseverance could create a surprise. She wanted to be an actress.
After playing several small parts she made her breakthrough with the part of 'Hedwig Harmsen' in the Netherlands' most popular soap opera, 'Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden' on RTL 4. In the three years that Georgina was 'Hedwig' in GTST she became extremely popular in the Netherlands. The Academy Award nomination in 1998 in the category 'Best Actress Soap' was a welcome surprise for her and an acknowledgement of her accomplishments as an actress.
In the spring of 2000 Georgina decided to leave the soap to concentrate on her development as an actress. In 1999 Georgina played the part of 'Dash' in the VPRO TV/ arthouse movie 'ENIGMA', directed by Paul Ruven.
In the VPRO-soap opera 'Hertenkamp', broadcasted in the first months of 2000, she played the part of Anne-Clair.
In 2001 Georgina played a leading role in Costa! Furthermore she appeared in several popular feature films like Costa, Volle maan, Adrenaline, Amazones, Medea (miniseries) and ‘t Schaep met de vijf poten (comedy series) .
In Kika and Bob, Georgina Verbaan plays the role of Kika.

Brian Blessed
Boisterous Brit Brian Blessed is known for his hearty, king-sized portrayals on film and TV. A giant of a man accompanied by an eloquent wit and booming, operatic voice. He came to fame as PC 'Fancy' Smith in the BBC TV police drama series Z Cars and often plays powerful, bushy bearded men in Shakespearean and medieval dramas, and also many humorous roles.
Blessed is generally recognised as a Shakespearean actor, as well as an immensely entertaining and often satirised comic figure, mainly because of his instantly recognisable voice. His role in Blackadder was a parody of the "typical" Shakespearean actor rather than reflecting the qualities of Blessed's own Shakespearean skills. Other roles that have emphasized his comedic abilities were those of Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon (1980) and Spiro in the BBC adaptation of My Family and Other Animals (1997).
Blessed stole the show as Long John Silver in the 1985 miniseries Return to Treasure Island. His Shakespearean skills took center stage for Kenneth Branagh's Henry V (1989), Much A do About Nothing (1993), and Hamlet (1996), and, in 1999, Blessed directed himself in a U.K. version of King Lear. That same year, he gained even more international exposure when he essayed a small role in Star Wars: Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace and provided vocal work for Disney's Tarzan. After taking the lead in the 2003 horror film Devil's Harvest, Blessed once again travelled back in time for a role in Oliver Stone's Alexander (2004). In Kika and Bob, Brian Blessed plays the role of Bob.

Tim McInnerny
is best known for his roles in the British comedy series Blackadder as Lord Percy and Captain Darling. He has worked as a dramatic actor, appearing on stage in the original production of Pravda with Anthony Hopkins, and on television in Edge of Darkness (1985) where he played a nervous and embittered anarchist. He has starred in Ian McKellen's film production of Shakespeare's Richard III (1995), as Catesby, Notting Hill (1999) as Max, as well as Severance (2006), The Emperor's New Clothes (2001), 102 Dalmatians (2000), FairyTale: A True Story (1997), Wetherby (1985) and Erik the Viking (1989).
In 2004, he joined the cast of the BBC/Kudos spy drama Spooks for its third season, playing Oliver Mace, a semi-regular character. This character recurred in Series 5 Episode 5 of the series. And in 2006, he starred in the BBC adaptation of The Line of Beauty as Gerald Fedden. In summer 2007 he will be playing Iago in Shakespeare's Othello at Shakespeare's Globe on Bankside in London. In Kika and Bob, Tim McInnerny is doing the voice of the Narrator.

Vincent Bal

Vincent Bal (Ghent, Belgium, 1971)
As a kid, Vincent Bal adored comic books and acted in a youth theatre group. He even did some acting for film and TV. But Vincent soon realized he would feel much more comfortable behind the camera than in front. At the Sint Lucas Film Institute in Brussels, he directed his first short films. His first professional short 'The Bloody Olive' won some twenty awards at film festivals all over the world. Subsequently, Vincent's debut feature 'Man of Steel' won the international jury prize at the Kinderfilmfest of the Berlinale 2000. 'Minoes' ('Undercover Kitty'), his second feature, did very well at the box office, drawing in about a million viewers in Belgium and Holland. Vincent's future projects include a feature film, 'The Zig Zag Kid', based on the book by David Grossman.

Colette Bothof (Harare, Zimbabwe, 1962)
While studying Psychology and Communications, Colette Bothof started making documentaries. After graduating cum laude, she attended the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Since 1994, she’s been working as a screenwriter and director for film and television and on various multidisciplinary projects. Colette's films won several international awards. For her short 'one Way Ticket to Oblivion' , she won the Panorama Award at the International Film Festival Berlin. Her next short, 'Dwaalgast, won Best TV Film at the Dutch Film Festival. But her first feature 'Black Swans' tops it all. It was nominated five golden Calves during the Dutch Film Festival 2005. Colette teaches at The Dutch Film Academy and at drama schools and she's is on the board of the Dutch Directors Guild.

Fons Schiedon (Amersfoort, Netherlands, 1980)
Fons Schiedon studied Design in Illustration at the Utrecht School of the Arts. After graduating, he's been working as a designer, director and illustrator on a wide variety of projects. He created, among other things, the corporate identity for the online platform, he worked on a number of interior projects and designed a museum exhibition and he created the motion graphics for the documentary 'Sneakers'. As a director, Fons delivered music videos, commercials and animated shorts, as well as channel id’s for Nickelodeon – most of which he animated himself. He created, wrote and directed 'MobSquad', a short format bi-weekly animated mini-series for MTV Asia/Australia, featuring three friends celebrating their dysfunctional lives..

Bruno Felix (Haarlem, Netherlands, 1967)
As an independent creator of TV programs, Bruno Felix worked for the Dutch public broadcasters AVRO and VPRO making cultural TV programs. In 1994 he was invited to start up a digital research department for VPRO. As the head of this department, he developed many innovative websites that explored new forms of drama, children's entertainment and journalism, such as the popular online radio station '3 voor 12' and the comprehensive film information website With Femke Wolting, he made a documentary series about the influence of Internet on the media industry ‘It’s the end of TV as we know it’. In 2000, Felix was one of the founders of the cross-media production company Submarine.

Femke Wolting (Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, Netherlands, 1970)
From 1994 to 2002 Femke Wolting was the initiator and programmer of 'Exploding Cinema', a program section of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, which explored the future of cinema and digital media. Between 1995 and 2000 she worked at the television network VPRO as editor on several documentaries and new media productions. Since 1999, Femke has directed the documentaries ‘It’s the end of TV as we know it’, 'Sneakers', about the rise and rise of the sports shoe, and 'Viktor & Rolf: “Because We Are Worth It”', which followed a year in the lives of avant-garde fashion designers Viktor & Rolf. Together with Bruno Felix, Wolting is managing director of Submarine.


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